Board and Train - 30 Days
Board and Train

Board and Train 

During your dog's board and train they will stay in the comfort of my home while they learn the foundations for great behavior. Each week you receive a 1 hour consultation before taking your pooch home for the weekend so that you learn how to carry on great obedience.  Or, if you prefer, your dog can stay with me over the weekend.  Great for family vacations!  Great for busy families!   


Standard Package for Puppies: Potty training, Socialization, loose leash walking, basic obedience, and more!

For young dogs: Loose leash walking, Retrieve, Place training (down-stay), Greeting strangers, and more!

    • Use the Links below to register and pay your deposit!

      15 Day Board and Train

      $1650 Pick your dog up each week or have them stay straight through!

      30 Day Board and Train

      $3200 1 hour Consultation provided at each pick up.

    • Personalized Packages Available!

    Prices are subject to change.  Quotes are good for 30 days from receipt of this email.

    Items Included:
    Board and Train - Week 1, Board and Train - Week 2, Board and Train - Week 3, Board and Train - Week 4
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